Candlelighters 2018

The Candlelighters is a National Organization with numerous Chapters located throughout the states and within states there are Chapters. Oregon has Chapters located around the state. They provide support, education, advocacy and hope to all children and their families impacted by childhood cancer. In an Oregon State Snowmobile Association Board meeting during the 2004/05 season, the Board designated the Candlelighters as their official, priority charity and have continued to encourage and to provide support and participation. They encouraged and DO continue to encourage their affiliated local snowmobile clubs to engage and to provide support and provide activities for candlelighers.

Initially the Bohemia Sno-Sledders a southern Willamette Valley snowmobile club initiated the first event for Candlelighters in the Crescent Lake area. This occurred during the 2005/06 season. Beginning with the 2010/11 season, the Walker Rim Riders have been continuing as host for the annual "fun day in the snow" event for candlelighter kids and their families.. This season (2017/18) the Walker Rim Riders will host the 13th Annual Event. The club could not make the event the "great" success that it is without having the kids and thier families and having participation by several on the Board of the Oregon State Snowmobile Association and volunteers from several other clubs; to include the Lodgepole Dodgers (LaPine/Paulina Peak), the Central Oregon Snow Busters (Bend/Bachelor), the Mt. Jefferson club (Salem/HooDoo), and the Mt. Hood club ((Portland/Mt.Hood). Essential donations and services are provided by numerous and varied other organizations, individuals, and business sponsors.Without them our annual event would likely not be possible.

This season's 2018 event is scheduled for Sunday February 25th; to be held at the Crescent Lake Junction Snow Park. For more informaiton please continue to check our website (home page: event list) and/or our facebook page Phone contact can occur by calling our hotline and leave a message for a return call at the end of our outgoing meassage That number is: (541) 610-0220

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