We are headquartered at Crescent Lake. The club welcomes and appreciates new or continuing members. Our memberships are family, individual, business or other organizaton memberships. Family means that each person residing in the household, considered to be family, are members too. Club membership requires membership in the Oregon State Snowmobile Association (O.S.S.A.). You can visit the O.S.S.A. website ( for more information about O.S.S.A... See also our club's membership brochure that you can access on this page which provides more detailed information about the club. Our home page also has more details as does the club's facebook page. Information about the many places to ride can best be obtained by looking at our club map that we provide uipdates to each season. "click" on the map button. Maps are obtained at our sponsors' locations. Look too at our Event List. Note the many and varied activities. We are a year 'round club. Tyhpically, but not always, our club activity day is the 2nd saturday of each month. Many of our members are "active" at many other times and DO WELCOME participation by others.

The club has a "volunteer " relationship with many public agencies not the least of which are public and private land managers. Trails and related areas and facilities are often our responsibility. WE DO NEED volunteers and/or on-going support (membership & donations too). MOST IMPORTANTLY MEMEBERSHIPS. We want YOU 'N YOURS!

We've continued , for your convenience, the electronic way to join or to renew your membership. On this website you will note the PayPal buttons. You can use this method to join or to renew OR if you prefer you can mail us a check, payable to the Walker Rim Riders. Our PO box is: Walker Rim Riders PO box 1090 Crescent LAKE, OR. 97733. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you provide info. to us so that we can complete our membership process to include your membership with O.S.S.A.. You can make a copy of the membership application provided on our club brochure and send us that information. As a minimum we must have a mailing address, phone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you. If a renewIng membership, you need only provide this info. if there's been changes from what you had previously provided us.

for CLARIFICATION re: Membership fees If your membership is to include our handling of your O.S.S.A. membership too, then the total is: $45.00 ($10. club + $35.00 O.S.S.A. dues) If your membership does NOT include the O.S.S.A. dues because you have joined through another club or direct to O.S.S.A. then you need only submit $10.00 for the club dues. If your dues to O.S.S.A. have been taken care of, as indicated, then PLEASE DO let us know through which club of if direct to O.S.S.A.. This greatly assists in verifying your O.S.S.A. membership. ANY QUESTIONS OR NEEDS FOR ASSISTANCE, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT OUR MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN OR OTHERS ON THE CONTACT LIST. Thank YOU and we look forward to your new or continuiing membership with us.



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